Pci sata controller card help

Hello All, I need help in configuring my pci controller card.

older Dell Dimension 4550
120 gig IDE Drive

adding Silicon Sata 3114 controller card
adding 2 seagate 1 terabyte drives

Upon boot up system hangs when drives are plugged in the card.

If I boot, then plug in the sata drives to the card, the drives are recognized?ALL works as needed.
I want to boot off the IDE, use this for the op system. Store all our valuable data on #1 sata and backup data with #2 sata Raid is not necessary I can use back up software to back up folders required.
I need to get this to follow through the boot sequence.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.
I have the second primary drive set to auto in bios, it will not reconize the card/harddrives? hardware unknown.

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  1. Windows XP/Loaded all service packs
  2. I resolved the problem...
  3. How did you do it. My Dell Dimension 4550 won't read a 500 GB drive that I cloned from my original 30 GB drive.
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