Wait for DX11 GTX3xx cards or get a GTX285 next week?

Pls let me know so I can have a consensus... thanks...
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  1. It's a personal choice can you wait 2-4 months till a card pops up. Because it will be awhile is there a deadline dealing with i mean you do seem to want a Nvidia card else you'd be shooting for a 5850 with that price range.

    Personally i can wait and i will, but just have to ask you self do you really need the new card so soon or not. If you're getting a 285 i'd wait if it was a 5850 or 5770 it's a bit harder to wait as it's not DX11 and DX11 doesn't seem to be a failed DX like 10 is.
  2. what is your current card? will it give huge performance if upgrading to GTX285? news about nvidia new-gen card is really hard to come by (at least GeForce part) so its kind of hard to say: "wait for GT300". but i think it will out eventually someday :kaola:
  3. If youre looking for top card, then wait, if you can, as it could be awile.
    Tho, the longer you wait, the less 285s therell be in the channel, so their price wont drop.
    Looks like nVidia is protecting their pricing with shorting the supply, as theyre EOLd. Top card? Wait. The G300 will be better than a 200, and you may be kicking yourself if you buy now, and nVidia did say Fermi wont be priced too high, so whatever too high means to nVidia, it should be less than what weve seen in the past, how much however, is the question
  4. Have you considered the HD 5000 series? The 5850 beats the GTX 285 in just about everything and is around $100 cheaper. Even though they're a bit hard to come by right now, availability will be better in the next few weeks. If you check sites (e.g. newegg, tigerdirect, zipzoomfly, ncix, etc) daily you can probably find one within a few days. They're is actually two in stock on ncix right now.
  5. Yeah, GTX 285 is over $100 overpriced and is now not the strongest GPU and is still way high. DO NOT buy the GTX 285 unless you aren't paying for it. :) You're better off waiting for GTX 3xx or getting something in the 58x0 series, like bige said.
  6. If its DX11 that you want, why wait? Get a 5870 now and have it. On the other hand, since there are no DX11 games out and there won't be for quite awhile, then wait until sometime nest spring. There will be better cards by then from both ATI and Nvidia. I would personally avoid the GTX 285. Too much money for a card that is too hot and has problems, based on my own experience. I'm going through a second RMA in 5 months with such a card.
  7. answered.... i gave up on nvidia
  8. Quote:
    never wait for PC hardware and just buy when you get the oportunity. I would go for HD 4890 if I were you. Its like half the price and almost equal performence. OR even better, HD 5850.

    yp, got the 5850 which is a beast but i still am wondering what the gf100 can do and how it benches.... I am betting the size would be shocking smaller than the gtx285(hopefully)
  9. The Fermi will be called the GTX480 and GTX470. The HD4890 is a good card but without DX11 support. A 58xx would be the way to go NOW. If you can wait, go NVIDIA but I would imagine these would be more expensive than a 58xx card.

    Also, the Fermi cards probably wont hit stores till April (you will pay top dollar) and the drivers may not be mature yet. So to get full value, you would probably consider summer a good timeline.

    Its a dilemma, but you need to consider, "Do I need it NOW, or can I wait?"

    Good luck.
  10. ati ftw, nvidia is just to expensive
  11. ...why get a 285? Get a 4890 instead...Either way, at this point, your best option is to wait. Worst case, the 5000 series gets a price drop that makes them more attractive...
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