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Can anyone advise why I keep being told by my ISP that nobody can intercept my wireless (Dongle) communication between my computer and the ISP's transmitter/receiver. My ISP has also indicated there is no radio waves between my computer & their transmitter / receiver. I'm not technically minded but what else can there be? My concern is that anyone could tap into my communication between my computer (ors the Dongle) and the ISP transmitter / receiver as there is bound to be waves between the two locations surely. Any suggestions as to how to increase security would be most welcome. I have the normal security software installed for my computer itself, but what about security between me and my ISP?
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  1. The reason your ISP is telling you this is that if you're using a wireless router (and I assume you are) and connected to that router in your home, w/security enabled, the wireless signal only goes as far as the router itself. From there it's over wire (between the wireless router and your cable/dsl modem), and then finally over cable/copper, respectively.

    The ONLY way this would be an issue is if you connected to an open WiFi location, say at Starbucks, McDonalds, etc. In this case you're typically not going to have security between your laptop and THEIR wireless router. So you'd want to take additional precautions to protect your traffic from eavesdropping. But at home using a wireless router w/ security enabled (use WPA or WPA2 security and a good key, one that’s long, random, and uses a large character set, such as those available at http://grc.com/password), you're perfectly safe.
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