Overclock a pentium 4

I have an old pentium 4 2.0ghz and i want to overclock it.
how can i do that?
help needed..
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  1. About all you can do is push the FSB upward until your either reach processor limits or thermal limits.

    If your motherboard will not let you do that, try setting the FSB from 100 MHz/200 MHz to 133 Mhz/266 MHz.
  2. good on ya for giving it a go but all that cpu is good for is an experimental suicide run overclock (if you do let us all know how far it can be pushed before u get a nice little puff of smoke) because no matter what u do its still gonna be slow and only good for the bare basics if ya can afford too give it to a relative/use it as file server/media center and get something new, stuff is dirt cheap these days. the worst/cheapest/nastiest cpu on the market today will still run rings around it no matter what u do.
  3. Thanks for replying..
    i overclocked it once and got 2.1ghz stable with clockgen but then my motherboard stopped working.Now i have a new motherboard and i dont see any fsb settings in the bios, its all locked and now clockgen doesnt show pll option...
    And using this cpu just for experimenting...
  4. you could try resetting the bios with the jumper or pull the battery for a min if you dont know what that is, that will prob get ur board up and running again, if its a cheap board or an oem it will have limited or no overclocking so seriously i wouldnt really waste your time there is no favorable outcome that u will get out of it no matter what you do its still gonna be an 11 year old chip that maybe able to keep up with an old atom cpu out of a netbook if your really lucky, if its a socket 775 and ur desperate for a cheap build go buy an pentium 2160 1.8 will clock up to 3ghz or a e5200 2.5 will go up to 4ghz, i have owned both an these are the overclocks i got thats a good place to start to learn overclocking u should be able to get them on ebay for next to nothing
  5. I tried resetting the bios with jumper but cpu configuration is still locked and i didnt get the battery thing because im on desktop no battery :/
    Please tell me a way to overclock the cpu..
    I dont care what happens to the board or cpu i just want to oc it anyway without buying any other components..
  6. ur desktop compu has a battery for the bios otherwise every time u switched the power off at the wall ur bios would lose all its settings, have a look it would of been right next to the bios reset jumper, which makes me think you didnt reset bios with jumper. if your computer boots and has kept the same config as before while was overclocked u didnt reset ur bios correctly
  7. i tried it but it just asks to load default settings or to set manually in the bios and nothing else changes in the bios.Cpu configuration still locked...
  8. try to update your bios

    try setfsb, cputweaker, cpufsb softwares to overclock
  9. I cant find the bios updates for my motherboard,model no. is- Intel i845G/GL/GV/GE/PE
    Setfsb,cputweaker,cpufsb not working... :pfff:
  10. sounds like you really have no idea what your doing, you haven't left any useful information about your board for anyone to find a bios other than a chipset and even then u haven't really even left that. you would need the motherboard brand,model, etc sounds like you just pulled up system info from windows instead of looked inside that box under your desk. your a whole new level of noob, btw if your compu is a branded oem model eg compaq, dell, hp, ibm, etc forget about overclocking you wont get anywhere
  11. Well i can tell that my processor is p4 2.0ghz
    I had an original intel d845gvsr board but it got destroyed and i got a new one and i dont know anything about it..
    I think its a cheap motherboard and i can tell that board is not branded..
  12. use pcwizard to find the name of that board
  13. It's probably an OEM board dude, that mean you CAN'T overclock your cpu because the bios doesn't have that option. Seriously you better off going and buying a cheap Athlon x2 setup if you plan to do anything with your computer at all, and try to do a little more research into the subject. :)
  14. Pcwizard shows Mainboard :To be filled by O.E.M.
    What does that mean? :heink:
  15. read above comment
  16. can you post a pic of pcwizard

    (to me it seems a non oem)
  17. truegenius said:

    Thnx but it doesnt help me...
  18. so its time to switch to new system
  19. truegenius said:
    so its time to switch to new system

    Yea you are right i should throw this crap p4 and better try to oc my laptop's i5...
  20. you really have no idea do u, you cant overclock 99.9% of laptops they are already living on the edge with the cooling inside them,you will probably have as much luck as overclocking your iphone :kaola:
  21. laptop oc!
    Majorty of them cannot oc

    but you can try some softwares which can oc laptop/notebook available in softpedia.com
    like here www.softpedia.com/get/Tweak/CPU-Tweak/
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