Help with oc (W5243)
amd athlon 64 x2 6000+ 3.1 brisbane 65nm , ddr2 800 , ati xfx 5670 gpu, win 7 ultimate 64 bit

1) i cant change the multiplier in the bios cpu-z showes it at 15.5, and bus speed at 201.5 ,ht link at 1007.6

my question is how to oc this cpu,, i think the gpu is bottle necking the cpu

windows experience
cpu- 6.3
gamming graphics-7.0
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  1. This is an emachine computer? If so then the BIOS are probably locked to prevent overclocking. Nearly all OEMs do this, Dell, HP, emachines ect. They want you to buy a faster computer not overclock the one you have! Also they buy parts that are "good enough" but not good enough to overclock where extra voltage and heat stresses components.
  2. i did the bios flash witch open it up so i can turn the bus speed to 220 witch is 3.4 ghz but i cant change the multiplier its stays at 15.5
  3. sorry but i think the multiplier on that cpu is locked, i believe the AMD black editions have a unlocked multiplier. in your case fsb overclocking is where its at, good luck!
  4. I don't think that processor has an unlocked multiplier, so the only way to overclock is by bumping the bus speed.

    Edit: Oops, too slow haha
  5. so what would be a good oc with this cpu if i run it at 3.4 ghz it seams slower than and battle field 3 runs funnny and my score doesent go up from a 6.3., i disabled amd cool and quiet and turned fans on while booting then speed fan takes over and with the radon 5670 1gb graphics card wont auto tune any more with the driver updated it would go to 850 on its own now it just stays at 775 stock
  6. i would just go back to stock settings and leave it that way. although you can oc your fsb a little its not going to be worth it. the only thing that might make your game play better is to tweak your os and disable a lot of stuff. do a search for blackviper os tweaks, he has a guide posted that may be useful. good luck
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