X4 955 showing only 2 cores help

i have an x4 955 , after a while it only shows 2 cores , how can i fix that ? i have as a mobo an msi 770 c35

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  1. latest for this motherboard 1.50
  2. ok i think i got ur solution. Idk how to adjust msi bioses, so if it is something simular to that im gonna tell u now do it. Go on bios, in the cpu setting and set ur Advanced clock calibiration to Auto. IF u can't find it install Amd Overdrive and i will tell u the instruction, give me a quick reply so I can help u before I go.
  3. i installed it , what should i do ?
  4. sentenced83 said:
    i installed it , what should i do ?

    Go on preference tab and mark the advanced mode in perfomance controle mode and apply. After that go in Perfomance tab and click the clock/voltage. There u will see Advanced clock calibration. (Default is disabled) Change it to Auto, if that doesn't effect change to All Cores. I hope this helps :). if u dont understand how to do this 100% i could send pictures :) Dont forget to restart after the setting!
  5. i didnt work m i tried both ways ( auto and all cores( and the defualt in all cores was -2% or sth ...


    thanks for trying mate
  6. :( np, then it must be motherboard or cpu u having problem with. I will help u further tomorrow
  7. I tried to Google to find any others who has this or had this problem. But no one has. By the way, have you checked the task manager. I recommend i to crosscheck it. Right click on ur desktop bar and choose task manager, then go to perfomance. If it show 4 windows, all your cores will be running. If not, then i cant help you more sorry:(
  8. Run msconfig.exe (either from the start search for vista or 7, or from the "run" dialog in xp). Under the boot tab, click the "Advanced" button. Make sure the "Number of Processors" box is unchecked.
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