Can`t format my xp hard drive

Hi i had a pc given me and had to replace the PSU and Motherboard I am trying to format the hard drive to change from XP to Win 7 I went into BIOS to change boot from HDD to DVD drive but would not change so it will only boot from HDD.When i check in device manager the DVD drive is deteted but the IDE controller drivers are missing.As i have not got a Win XP disc what do i do.I have to boot in safe mode as there are 4 user accounts and because i have changed the motherboard it keeps asking me to activate windows .Help!
Thanks Martyn
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  1. Here are a few options:
    1. Go to the BIOS and set it to default settings... see if the DVD drive now boots
    2. Go to the BIOS and disable the BIOS quick post.. (or whatever it's called in your BIOS). This may show the BIOS details when rebooting so you may see which key to use to select the boot device manually.
    3. Open the case, remove the battery to reset the BIOS... wait 10-15 minutes, put the battery back on. See if now you can configure the boot device order.

    If you get to this point;
    4. In Safe Mode with Networking, download a Partition Manager application to burn a Live CD Partition Manager from which you can format the drive. Most partition managers have the option to create a bootable CD with the partition manager and some you can download as the ISO file to burn to CD. The ISO would be the best option as some installed programs don't run in Safe Mode. If you have trouble burning the ISO in safe mode, download "Active ISO Burner" which can be used as portable and must work in safe mode.

    The link provides a few links for such applications including a link to G. Parted bootable. If you want other partition managers to choose from, you can search for "Bootable CD Partition Manager" "Best Bootable CD Partition Managers" "Live CD Partition Manager", etc.
  2. Thanks Chicano for the reply will give it a try when i get chance

    Thanks Martyn
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