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I'm looking for a new mobo to change my old ASROCK G965M-S, It's for an old system on my house that it's used for occasional gaming (LAN), store files, CAD models. The reason is I have issues with the mobo, the GPU and the integrated sound so I decided to find a solution (easy n cheap, only the board)

I need a mobo for an intel processor with socket LGA 775, form factor ATX, PCI Express 2 x16 (for a Sapphire HD 5750) and an integrated sound system that doesn't have compatibility issues with video playback and games (Crysis, UT3 engine, Battlefield Bad Company 2...)

I know it's old. I really don't know which board fits better for this and ovoid compatibility issues, so if you may suggest some options I'd appreciated a lot :D

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  1. So you want a full size board right because that asrock board is a micro ATX board?
  2. I would go with one of these

    1st choice
    ASUS P5N-D LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 750i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard 99.99

    2nd choice
    BIOSTAR P43-A7 LGA 775 Intel P43 ATX Intel Motherboard 64.99
  3. For your first choice I'm not quite sure if the proc would work cause is a Pentium D, Does that board support it? - maybe in the future I will change it for a better one that fits in but not right now.

    Also, my GPU is an ATI card, so I don't know if it's wise to use a SLi oriented mobo

    It seems that the Realtek chipset has compatibility issues (The only one that I've tried is the ALC662 -> this is included in your second choice and is not working properly with my build)
    According to there are some integrated chipsets with better performance. What would you recommend me to do about this?
  4. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    What specific processor do you have?, because not all 775 sockets support all the 775 processors.
  5. Thanks for the welcome

    It's a Pentium D CPU 820 2.8GHz
  6. redlath said:
    Thanks for the welcome

    It's a Pentium D CPU 820 2.8GHz

    I would look for a used p35 mobo. I have a Gigabyte p35 ds3l that is being RMA'ed right now. I'll sell it for $50 shipped, but you would have to wait 3 weeks.
  7. Hi again, this ASUS P5Q SE PLUS support your processor and looks like a solid mobo.
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