Gigabyte GA-G41m-Es2h

having issue with m/b transplant.installed drivers from cd,and still get sm bus controller not found.cant find specific driver on gigabyte site.the bios says my vga might not work correctly.this board has vga,hdmi.dvi out.everthing is working fine.would it be worthwhile doing an xp repair? i have sp2
thanks for any advice
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  1. If I understand correctly, you changed motherboards and kept the original XP installation. If so, you probably need to do a complete reinstallation, not just a repair. That's more common than not in this situation.

    I built a computer for my sis-in-law using the same model and all the chipset drivers installed with no problems.
  2. blarrrrrrgggggg do a fresh install - seriously
  3. i had to re-seat the ram and it worked..
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