How to repair not detected seagate harddisk

I've got a hard drive not detected by PC and its make sound "tik tok... tik tok". anyone know how to fix this case? Please help me.
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  1. You can try the old freezer trick, stick the driver in the freezer over night and you might get just a LITTLE extra life (minutes to hours) to try to recover some data. Only other suggestion would be to replace the PCB, find an identical drive with a good PCB, remove it, swap the firmware chip (requires soldering, you might want to ask a local electronics repair place if you're not very skilled with a soldering iron like me with my caffienated jittery, burned hands) and put the good PCB back on the drive with the data.
  2. So it clicks?
    Take it to a PC repair shop and ask if its broken (as it may be by the sounds of it), they should be able to get the data off it for you.
    Or you could try seeing if its in Disk Management and format it from there?
    Or try another PC, connecting the HDD to it?
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