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I built a new PC last week and I'm having a strange problem. The computer runs fine once it is up and running, but it is very unstable during the startup process. While it is starting, I get BSODs followed by an automatic restart. Sometimes the BSOD comes up while it is looking for drives, sometimes when the "Windows is loading" screen is up, sometimes it is after I enter my user password, and sometimes it is after the desktop appears. It keeps repeating whether I try to start in safe mode or if I try to start normally.

The weird thing is that it will do this over and over, but if I turn off the power supply and turn it back on it starts up fine. I'm not at home right now so I can't get you my BIOS info, but if you need it to solve the problem I can provide it later today.
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  1. Yes, Duncan, posting your system configuration, including part specifications would be most helpful. However, the common reason for the BSOD is RAM. If you can get into your BIOS, verify that you have manually configured the RAM settings to the manufacturers recommendation. Once that is done, try loading the OS again.

    Next thing you should do is download MemTest86+ from Download the .iso and burn the image to disc. When you've finished burning the image, leave the disc in the tray and reset your computer. The test will run automatically. Allow the test to run overnight to ensure you've run enough passes through the modules.

    If MemTest finds any errors, the test will display the errors. Note that if any errors are found, replace the RAM.
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