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I recently just bought a new Agility 3 120GB and I think it might be running a bit slow and over capacity. I haven't used SSDs before so I don't know what to expect. I have the SSD as my boot drive and a 2TB HDD for my data. I've only been using it for 2 days. It goes from bios to login very quickly, then when I log it, it has the spinning circle for about 13 sec, then the screen goes lack for 7 sec, then everything loads. Also, its using 61GB of the 120GB but when I go through all the sub folders, it only shows up to be using 20GB, where is this extra 40GB from? Its on windows 7 x64. Thanks.
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  1. There is a surprising amount of stuff that can be stored "invisibly" - system restore points, for example. Search indexes, too.

    Have a google for articles on SSD optimisation. You'll find several changes you can make to reduce the amount of wasted space, like turning off system restore points. Once you have made the changes, give the drive some quiet time so it can consolidate the free space.
  2. Are there different things I should do with a sandforce disk than others? Do they use the same optimization options?
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