Asus R2E

I plan on doing a build soon and i'm stuck at a point where i don't know what memory to get for my motherboard.
The build so far is:
Processor - Core i7-930 (that i'm hopefully going to overclock to 4.0GHz)
Power Supply - CP-850W (wasn't sure if i should go with a CP-1000 or not but i did get a case compatible with it)
CPU Cooler - Megahalems Rev.B Cooler (still need to find a nice fan for it since it doesn't come with one)
Mobo - Rampage II extreme
Video card - undecided (mainly because i want to go nvidia but right now i'm not impressed with the 480)
Ram - undecided (for lack of knowledge on the subject)
The use of the computer will mainly be video games (i have a 1920x1200 monitor) that i would like to run on full settings (fps's, mmo, rts, basically the works). I would also like this for video encoding projects etc.
Hopefully you guys can help me out a bit, mainly with the ram but also with the build a bit.
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  1. The following RAM would be compatible for your board and also satisfy the low voltage requirment for the i7 chip; Intel says not to set voltage higher than 1.65v or you may damage your cpu.

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