Fan noise problem with ATI 4890

Hi !

I just built my new PC and I have a problem with my Sapphire ATI HD 4890: actually it's like the fan is running at 100% all the time !
The only quiet moment that I have with it is the first 2-3 seconds when turning on the pc. Once in the bios, the GPU fan runs at full speed. Even when I try to manually set its speed using Control Center, it does not work.

Does anyone have an idea on what might be causing this ?

Thanks in advance

Case Antec Solo - MB ASUS P5QL Pro - Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 - 2x2 Gb 800MHz - PSU Antec EarthWatts 650 W - HDD Western Digital SATA 250 Gb

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  1. The fan speed is regulated by temperature. The hotter it is, the higher the fan speed. Download (google) Hard-Ware Monitor, and it'll give you temps. Post them here.
  2. thanks for the tip shadow..., i'll check that tonight!

    if, indeed, the temperature is way to high, then i have a problem with either the gpu or with power supply, i suppose ?

    though i doubt the gpu reaches such temperatures only a few seconds after turning the pc on...
  3. well, here are the monitoring results for the 4890, right after logging on to windows7:

    voltage: 1.05V (max 1.31V)
    temperature: 55°C
    fan speed: 1361 RPM (the max value according to this monitoring is 1418 RPM !!!!)

    nothing except the monitoring was running

    any clue ?
  4. At near 100% fan speed, with the card being 55C, I'd say you should look into an aftermarket cooler. If the fan keeps up this pace (especially if you head up into the 70's when gaming), the fan'll die soon.
  5. At 60% (manual setting) fan speed my card sits at about 40°C, however it's the Sapphire Vapor-X version. When letting it control itself, it'll sit around 55°C at ~30% fan speed. Also, my card is overclocked 50 MHz on the core and 95 MHz on the memory, so that means it'd sit even lower if I set it back to default clocks.

    Regardless, you may have gotten a faulty card. It'd be best to contact whoever you bought it from and RMA.
  6. seems like i got a "broken" card. actually, this problem is known at sapphire and yet ...
    i found this,, with many users who experienced the same problem.

    and i have the exact same SKU#/PN, so i'll RMA ...

    you were definitely right guys, thanks a lot for your help, i really appreciate !

    cheers !
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