Sony Vaio VGN-FZ21M on Win 7 64 bit

i'm trying to run windows 7 64bit on my sony vaio vgn-fz21m and having a huge issue. Well all drivers seems to work fine, but laptop keyboard stoped working after instaliation. I tried to connect a USB keyboard adn it was just fine, working perfectly, but my laptop keyboard doesn't respond.
The previous version was Win 7 32 bit and it worked, but 32 bit supports only 3 gb of ram. I want to use all my 4 gb ram and well i can't.
Could anyone help me, please. I searched answers in several forums but no luck.
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  1. You said your Vaio keyboard is not working.
    Just asking... maybe one key is stuck down and stopping the keyboard functionality... possible? If you could check all the keys on keyboard.

    If nothing works, I would reinstall windows.
  2. I found the solution. I was instaling my sony over MDT, ant there was injected a synapsis pointing driver and that driver killed the keyboard. after unistalling the driver everything just worked just fine. now running win 7 64 bit.
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