Should i get a sata III controller card

Hello, I got a new budget computer and I made a mistake, I didn’t saw that my MB (gigabyte 880-gm-usb3) its only sata II and can’t return it or something like that. So now I want to upgrade my old and slow laptop 5400 rpm hdd with a ocz agility but I don’t know what to do, this I think are my options:
1. Get an agility 2 120gb ssd (sata II)
2. Get an agility 3 120gb (sata III) and a sata III pcie x1 controller card (I have heard that this will handycap my drive a little in performance) THIS WILL COST THE SAME AS THE DRIVE IN OPTION 3
3. Get a revodrive 1 110gb and plugit on a pcie x16 slot that its used by amd hd 6670 1gb ddr5 gpu (I will try to sell it and loss some money on it, then try to live with integrated 4420 gpu or if it make sense get a pcie x1 gpu)
What do you think it’s best for me? I’m using this computer for photo editing and free time gaming (nothing serious) as well as web surfing and HD movies/music playback

sorry for bad english if its the case
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  1. You can use a SATA-III SSD with a SATA-II motherboard, it will work just fine. Very fast SSDs with transfer rates greater than 300MByte/sec will be bottlenecked by the motherboard, but that's less of an issue than most people seem to worry about. The huge advantage of an SSD is that it has very fast access times (100 times faster than a typical hard drive), and those won't be affected by the slower SATA port. So while you'll be able to see a difference in benchmark programs, in actual real-world use it probably isn't going to affect you all that much.
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