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just did my first home build and am having some problems. i get the message "Boot Disk Error Press Any Key to Continue..." I have the cd drive as the first boot in the bios. I tried the xp cd in both cd slots and still can't get past the screen. why is this happening?
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  1. I'm curious, what happens when you "press any key"?

    Also, does your BIOS recognize that you have two cd or dvd drives?
  2. XP with service pack 2 or lower? SATA HDD?
    If so you might be missing the SATA drivers. You'll need to load them during the initial bootup process.
  3. Find and load your HDD's recommended SATA Drivers on a USB thumb drive.
    When the setup is loading press F6 when prompted at the bottom of the screen.
    Load the SATA drivers from the USB thumb drive.
  4. jared, if i press any key, says the same thing again. yes, it recognizes both drives

    wr2, xpsp2 and sata hdd, yes. how would i load the sata drivers? where would i find them?
  5. What HDD did you get? Look on the support page for that disk.
    Do you have a floppy drive in your new computer?
  6. Should also have asked if you have a USB thumb drive.
  7. It should at least try to attempt to boot from the CD/DVD OS, no matter what, if there is a disc in there, it will attempt it.

    Just to be sure, you put the CD in, then restart the computer, and get the same thing? Then when the error comes up, you put the cd in the other drive, and restart, and still get the error?

    Are you sure you have the CD drives hooked up correctly? You may want to take out one of the drives, and only work with one of them first, for the install, just to see if that works.
  8. ok, i just needed to move around the cd a couple of times and it worked

    now when it goes to start windows, i get a system error message. i tried attaching two separate hd's, one at a time, same error. The message is:
    STOP: (a long string of numbers and letters
  9. new error:

    irql not less or equal

    this is coming up when installing windows.
    tried with 1 stick of ram v. 2 to see if that does anything...nope
    computer is running at 24 degrees cent.

    any advice?
  10. Reset the CMOS and try again.
    Check the motherboard manual for the procedure.
  11. i reset the CMOs. no luck
    just realized after looking deeper that the cpu is running at 50 degrees cent. intel core duo e8500. is this too hot?

    any advice?
  12. are the HDD new? or did they have stuff installed on them before? It should be doing a clean install with a wipe anyway, but this is just another inquiry.
  13. 50 degrees centigrade is warm but ok, sounds like you have memory errors, try a memory testing program.
  14. hard drives are all new
    memory came back with no errors
  15. You need WindowsXP SP2 or later to eliminate this problem, earlier version do not supports the PCIe bus properly. If you are installing with an earlier version it can cause this problem.
  16. I would advise you to check the mobo manual again in regards to your hard drive specs.
    I had this same issue tonight when finishing my pc (and being new at it). Blue screened a couple of times and checked the manual again. My board had different instructions for SATAII w/NCQ and just had to load a driver at the "where to install" screen. It was actually on the disk included with my motherboard. Now no blue screen. Thanks to the above poster that mentioned the SATA drivers which pointed me in the right direction.

  17. PJ - OP said he is using XP sp2. So that probably isn't the problem.

    OP - if the cd drives needed to be moved around a bit, did you check to make sure that the HDDs are properly seated and connected? Also, I would suggest trying what Krystalyn suggested with the driver during boot - taken from the MOBOs cd.
  18. thought the cd was sp2. found out it was not. slipstreamed the cd and all is good. everyone, thanks so much for helping a newcomer along.
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