Would my Power Supply be enough for my Gaming Rig?

Here are the System Specs of what I am building (Intended for Gaming) ------>>>

Motherboard: ASUS M2N68-AM Plus AM3 mATX GeForce 7025 DDR2 PCI-E16 PCI-E1 2PCI VGA Motherboard

Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Quad Core Processor 3.2GHZ AM3 8MB Cache 125W

Video Card: Powercolor Radeon HD 5750 700MHZ 1GB 4.6GHZ GDDR5

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro REV.2 CPU Heatsink Cooler LGA1366 LGA1156 LGA775 AM2 AM3 W/ 92MM Fan

Power Supply: 450W

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  1. What 450W unit do you have? There is lots of variation in the quality of power supplies, from the corsair 450VX to the raidmax 450W unit that we know explodes at 75% load.
  2. Ive got an Xion 450W. By the way, my current Radeon HD 4670 only is depending on the motherboard to get power. There is no connector that goes from the PSU to the Video Card. Not sure about the Radeon HD 5750 though... anyone got info on that?
  3. Here are the ATI recommended power supply requirements for the new ATI Radeon HD 5770 and 5750 video cards that just became available:

    450 Watt or greater power supply with one 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connector recommended

    600 Watt and two 75 watt 6-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode

    Technical review:


    Power consumption, temperature, and noise levels are very encouraging.
  4. Alright, thanks for the reply! I was sure nobody was going to reply one last time.
    But... I am going to stick to my PowerColor ATI Radeon HD 4670 as the graphics are pretty great for the price!
    I can run everything on max (as long as you have a good processor) with my Amd Phenom II X4 955 BE.
    Both the CPU and GPU make great partners in gaming :)
    I can't believe those people who try to push you further into buying a better graphics card by saying the one you have is crap. :fou: (I mean, just look at the youtube videos for gameplay with the HD 4670) They are amazing.. and can play Crysis/Modern Warfare 2 on max settings :D
    and im happy! Thank you everyone for the help. :bounce:

    (The HD 4670 takes power from the Motherboard, with a minimum of 430W and no 6-pin required) :hello:
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