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I'm thinking of purchasing a Dell XPS 16 laptop. I'm thinking a Core i7 820QM and an ATI Mobility RADEON HD 4670 - 1GB. It comes with displayport, HDMI, and VGA output. Am I correct in thinking that with a displayport-2-DVI adapter and an HDMI-2-DVI adapter, I could extend the laptop screen onto 2 DVI monitors and 1 VGA monitor? If the laptop RGBLED supports 1920x1080, would each monitor connected reduce the available resolution? Finally, would a Matrox setup be preferable to these direct connections? As you can see, I know very little about video. Thanks for any info.
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  1. Using Matrox triplehead2go would definitely answer yours...however, i am also wondering if we can utilize the DisplayPort & the HDMI to function to enable dual head for the laptop? it would be nice...i'd definitely get one...if it is possible
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