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I reinstalled my Mugen 2 CPU cooler (the screws were loose indeed) and reaplied thermal paste. Booted my system and now CPU temperature is in 80-90°C idle I reseted my BIOS settings but the temperature stays at 70-80°C. What could have possibly caused this? I dont understand :cry: I'm worried my CPU is gonna get seriously damaged. Couldn't even go into bios without waiting a minute for the CPU to cool down. :(
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  1. Did you apply the Thermal Interface Material as recommended by the manufacturer? For example, Arctic Silver 5 should be applied to the CPU and the heatsink so it looks like haze.
    -- Then add a drop the size of a rice grain to the center of the CPU.
    -- Then you install your Mugen 2, and tighten until it is firmly seated, but not so tight as to warp the CPU heatsink.
  2. Reinstalled everything again and it finally works clocked my FSB to 400Mhz and highest temp with intel burn is 57°C. I'm not totally happy whit that because its winter, but its good for now :).
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