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I installed a D-Link DWL-520+ PCI 802.11B card into my daughter's PC. When the card finally connects to the D-Link DI-614+ 802.11B router, I get a signal strength of very good to excellent. The strength "meter" is usually sitting at between 75% and 90%. When we try to connect to the 'net through our DSL modem, I get the infamous cannect detect server messages. I ran ipconfig on the PC and it has no entries.
Should I manually enter the same IP addresses (IP, Sub, and IP Gateway) on her PC as are on my PC?

I know enuff to be dangerous. :tongue:
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  1. DSL modems are routers as well, the router fanctionality on your DLink suppose to be set to "NO DHPC! NO DHCP! NO DHCP!" and router's IP has to be up one notch from DSL's. Connect your router from DSL to LAN port, not WAN. Need more info, mp me.

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  2. Definitely do not set your IP addresses the same on both your computers. You cannot have to computers with the same IP address on the same network. If you were going to manually assign it, put it one digit up from her pc (I.E. if her's is, put yours as
  3. SUCCESS!! I changed the SSID in three places to all be the same (PCI card, router, and TCP/IP in windows.) I un/reinstalled the PCI card. I connected the wireless router to the DSL modem from the router LAN port to the modem WAN port. Signal strenght is very good to excellent and I'm pulling 5 - 7 MBpS on 802.11b.
    Thanks to everyone for your help!!

    I know enuff to be dangerous. :tongue:
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