Sound Card & IRQ problem

I've got a Asus CUSL 2-C motherboard (the version WITHOUT a onboard audio chip), but Linux (Red Hat 7.1) tries to install a non-existent onboard audio card (doesn't want to setup my SB PCI 64V).

I can fix this by setting PLUG & PLAY OS to NO in BIOS (this makes Linux just install my SB). But this brings up another problem. I get an IRQ conflict in Windows 98 (mobo shares all my cards between two IRQ's 10&11!).

Is there a way to have the Plug & Play OS setting ON, and somehow define my SB PCI 64V as my sound card in Linux (skipping the non-existent Audio97-chip)?
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  1. To make this simpler:

    How do I configure my PCI-sound card?

    Sndconfig tries to install the Audio'97. How can I skip it?
  2. sound cards + linux + some mobos = pain

    Sndconfig shouldn't see the ac97 if it really isn't there. I don't know much about your card, so does it have the ac97 codec chip (or compatible)? My yamaha does, and it loads up the ac97 module as well as the ymfpci one.

    I've got a mobo with non-existant onboard audio, too.

    Here's some ideas...
    1) make really sure onboard audio is disabled in bios.

    2) go old school and set it up manually. how-to's are at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>. <A HREF="" target="_new">Redhat</A> docs are pretty good too.

    3)Another option may be setting it up in Linux, turning kudzu off, then putting your bios back to normal. Win98 should be happy, and Linux should be happy as it won't try to auto detect anything.

    "How do I configure my PCI-sound card?" RTFM. There's sh*t loads of info in the online-docs!
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