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My current rig with all my applications is a XP PRO 32 bit machine with dual 24"monitors. I've just finished building a windows 7 ultimate 64 bit unit. I would like to incorporate the new windows 7 unit as my main new computer. however I need both computers since some of the apps and printers from XP 32 bit will not run on the Wndows 7 64 bit. My thought was to connect the Windows 7 computer to the dual monotors. Connect both computers (hardwired) via my router. Keep the XP pro computer hooked up to all printers for now until drivers are available. I can also go wireless but thought I would get faster throughput using cables? Then if needed run the XP pro computer via remote desk top. Any thoughts of a better way to do this?
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  1. RDP would be the cheapest and easiest solution.
    If you want the XP machine to use both monitors there are dual monitor KVM switches.
  2. What about using "INPUT DIRECTOR"?
  3. Haven't tried it but looks dooable.
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