Cannot access my wifi network after dad accessed with PIN.

I have a wireless router in my home. I named it Steve and assigned it a password when i set it up long ago. When I try to connec to it with a mobile device (smartphone, laptop) it has always asked for the network password and that has always worked. It NEVER asked for a PIN number (excluding, perhaps, when I initially setup the network).

My parents visited this past weekend. When my dad tried to connect with his vista laptop, it didn't ask for the password, but instead it asked for the PIN. He connected and everything seemed ok...until I tried to connect with my own devices. My wifi network "Steve-PC" had now been replaced with a network named after his laptop "John-PC.".

To fix, he deleted the connection on his laptop, turned off the laptop, we reset the router, and STILL only John-PC connection is there. And I can't access it with he old password or even with the router's PIN number!!!

What can I do?
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  1. Sounds like you need to refer to the literature that came with the router -- or download the manual.

    You've left me confused about whether the network has been renamed, or the wireless security passphrase has been changed or the router setup login password is changed. Or is this some change to do with using a cellphone ?

    To address the router's setup screens you'll normally need an ethernet cable to link between laptop and router. To clear the present settings in the router press the reset button.
  2. Fihart, in answer to your questions in second paragraph, the name of the connection seems to have been hanged automatically when my pop connected Using the router PIN.

    As to the password... It doesn't work. I don't know if it was "changed" or if the new name "John-PC" simply implies a new connection without a password... But the network still reads "security enabled" so it must have a password but my dad didn't create a new one..
  3. John-PC sounds like the name of a new connection created in Windows Networking.
    Delete that and let Windows (or preferably the interface software which came with the wireless adapter) detect all local wifi networks, choose your router's signal and create a new connection and try applying the security type and password you are aware of.

    Other than that I think you may need to get into the router's setup pages and verify or renew the wireless network name (the SSID), the type of wireless security and the wireless security passphrase. I really don't think they will have been changed by your dad but there is no harm in checking -- especially as it will add to your knowledge of the system.
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