Morthbridge heating problem

i have A8N SLI Delux M/B i need a good cooler that lets me use GTX 8800 card the zalman nb47j not fit unless i cut several pins away any clues.
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  1. A good cooler for what? The NB (SB maybe? idk) already has a fansink that keeps it cool.
  2. Did the stock one die, or is it too tall?

    What do you mean "cut several pins away"? I used an aftermarket cooler on my A8N-SLI Deluxe and had to cut the ends of the bracket off (too wide).

    Asus replaced my defective cooler for free (a lot of them failed) while under warranty.
  3. Really? Mine is still running strong, albeit a tad bit loud for my liking (though it was quickly replaced by an A8N32-SLI Deluxe, so it's been a backup board, then moved into storage, and now is a media server).
  4. It might have been damaged by a bit of dust, but yes, a lot did fail. The replacement has lasted fine though.
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