IRQL Not Less or Equal error


I am getting this error on a new system build. CPU temp is 50 degrees centigrade. Intel mobo with intel duo core e8500. Can someone help me get past this error? It always happens during windows XP installation when installing components.

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  1. It's either an error with your RAM or in the CPU's cache system, but most likely the RAM.

    Are you supplying it with enough voltage? List your specs, clocks, and voltages.
  2. i know this is a novice, but how do i get the clocking and voltage data? what specs do you need?

    how can i test if there is a RAM error?
  3. list your system specs

    also test your hardware eg memtest
  4. when i try to run memtest, it comes up saying MSCD001 driver not found. then it comes to an A:\ prompt
  5. ok, running memtest now. here are my specs:
    Intel Duo Core E 8500
    Intel BOXDG45ID LGA 775 Intel G45 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
    2X 1 gig Crucial DDR2 ram
    Hitatchi SATA 120 gb hard drive
    Aerocool m40 case
    Ultra Products V Series 500W power supply

    Please,any help is greatly appreciated
  6. Is it just me or is this thread in the wrong part of the forums
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