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What is the max cpu I can use. here is where the one socket becomes confusing to me. my socket is am2 my cpu is Athlon 62 x2 BE2300. my motherboard is acer F690gvm.
Can I use all am2 cpus up to 6400. can I use am2 + like AMD Phenom X3 8250e? I am almost certain I can not use am3 like the phenom x4 965.
Thank you all for your help with my problem.
Merry Christmas
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    All AMD CPUs are backwards compatible down to AM2. ie, AM3 cpus are compatible with all AM2 and AM2+ boards. Theoretically.
    This could require a bios update though to get the latest CPUs. Since you are using an OEM machine that's not possible. So really, you could only find the information about supported CPUs from Acer. Their information could be old though, so it's possible your computer could support the latest CPUs anyway. Sorry I can't be of more use.
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