ATI HD 4870x2 Windows Vista and Direct x 11

SO here is my question. Why is it that Vista can support Direct x 11 but my graphics hardware can't support Direct x 11 ? This doesnt make sense to me ? If the coding is supported in Vista then the Graphics cards manufacturers should be able to write drivers to allow current Vista supported hardware to utilize Direct x 11. Sounds like another hussle from the manufacturers to force a Graphics card upgrade. Any thoughts ?
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  1. There are hardware requirements to run hardware-based tessellation, direct compute 11/multi core, as well as many new things with DX 11 API. The previous card do not have the technical capabilities (hardware) to carry on these types of processes. No amount of drivers can force hardware into existence.

    Second forcing GPU upgrades is NOT in Microsoft's best interests. As it was shown with Dx9-Dx10. Many people now wont even upgrade GPU's to Dx11 Hardware and gamers are a limited market when it comes to PC's.
  2. Agreed. M$ tried to force GPU updates, but Vista's failure dragged DX10 down with it. You're 4870X2 is a DX10.1 card, end discussion.
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