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So i am updating my old tower my old tower and have ran into an issue. The new parts are as follows: asus M3A78-EM mobo, athlon x4620 2.6 ghz quad, radeon 4770 gpu. Put it in my old tower with a seagate barracuda 500gb hd with windows 7 already installed, ocz 500 watt psu, old dvd drive. So the install went smooth and everything powered up. The bios ran and then it asked me for 1 of 5 options

XP 32
Vista 32
Vista 64
or enter command line prompt

So i picked Vista 64 event though i have Windows 7. Then it asked me to insert a floppy disk into the drive???? o.k. so i have no floppy disk but my tower actually has a drive for it. Why would i need a floppy? anyway it will not boot windows at all and i'm staring at 300 dollars worth of hardware that i can't utilize so is there anyway to bypass this? i did not mess with bios at all and it even recognized my mouse so i assume i'm close. when i turn the cpu on it says windows error recovery and recommends launch startup repair but if i do that it says it can't repair it then if i try the other option of starting windows it just resets itself. I am a NOOB and am befuddled by this problem. anyone with any ideas please help!!! when it runs startup repair it cannot repair but i see the windows background so i feel like i'm close...sorry for the length just trying to give as much info as possible. thanks again i'm using my crusty old mac so i will be checking often for updates tonight from all generous advisors. any other info needed please ask
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  1. as soon as you boot it says choose operating system and it says windows 7 or run memory diagnostic. i figured i'd run memory diagnostic and it says no issues. just thought i would throw that in. i ran the standard test under options.
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