ASUS P5P41D & memory problems...

Hi there, first post so thanks in advance for any advice.

The Foxconn board on our main PC has died, so replaced with an ASUS P5P41D which the vendor advised should cope with an old(ish) Pentium D 920 Presler CPU and 3GB PC4200 (533mhz) RAM. In an ideal world would upgrade everything, but figured a newish board would cope with upgrading the CPU at a later date.
PSU is an ANTEC truepower 380w in a Sonata case which has always coped fine with this modest setup.

Installed CPU, 1 stick and graphics card (HD3650) - got the recurring long-short-short beep and no POST. Asus site suggested memory error and manual lists PC5300 or 6700 as compatible. Obtained 2GB stick of Crucial PC6700 RAM listed as definitely compatible and tried again. No beeps, but no POST either - power & fans running but nowt else. Removed RAM - beeps again. PSU & CPU tested and good, graphics card also.

Have put a few systems together (though far from an expert) and can't work this out from FAQs. Planning to return board in case ?CPU incompatible - will my old 4200 memory not work in a new board? I ask as I cannot find anything with 4 slots not listed as for 5300/6700 and could do without shelling out for new RAM at the moment as the CPU is not really worth it.

If this is some stupid noob query I apologise but have searched the whole internet trying to sort this.
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  1. Can you take out the video card and try again? I think coupled with a Pentium D the power supply is a little small. In keeping with you CPU your stuck with the Core 2 family of CPUs, not the newer Core i3 and 5 ot the i7.
  2. i have the same motherboard and also the same beep problem, its def the ram compatibility, i had 2 identical sticks, 1 gb each, samsung, one of them worked, the other one wont work on any of the slots, weird, so i left it with just one stick, probably updating the bios should get rid of the problem,

    Asus really messed it up here.
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