How to reinstall my dvd drive in my laptop windows 7

Hello, my windows 7 64 bit ASUS laptop has given me many problems with my dvd drive. with no other ideas I tried uninstalling it and cant figure out how to reinstall it, it said there was an error a corruption in registry preventing it from opening. HELP?!?

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  1. What means "uninstalling it"? How do you "uninstall" it, what exactly did you do?
    Should be like this:
    Went there> then there> and there andt did exactly this and that and that
  2. Hi,

    In windows 7 the best part is the drivers are automatically installed on reboot .

    Can you please specify the steps you took for uninstall, cause i myself had uninstalled the DVD-drive through "device manager" and then on reboot it was installed automatically as expeceted.
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