How do i overclock my amd x6 1090t?

Hello, i need to overclock my amd x6 1090t can any one tell me how to do this ? i have : windows 7 home primum case : nzxt case full tower( with funs) motherboard : asus iv formulla crosshair 3.0 usb memory : corsair 4x4gb dominator ddr3 1333 with airflow vga card :ati radeon 6950 2gb cpu cooler : corsair h80 hydro cooler hard drive seagate velocy raptor 15000 rpm 32mb need your help thank you
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  1. is it the black edition?
  2. it doesnt need to be a black edition if you have the asus crosshair formula. heres how: you should download amd overdrive from the asus site and then read and learn how to increase your variables: voltage, memory clock etc etc. having someone tell you what to do and how to do it will not help you learn. this is a super tricky thing to do so the best thing is to immerse yourself in the knowledge. thats what i had to do after almost bricking my whole system.... also, the crosshair formulas are a cake walk to overclock with!! i have the crosshair 5 ROG and love it.
  3. don’t use amd over drive do all over clocking in the bios using extreme tweeker what you need to do is review this guide:

    make sure you increase your settings slowly and keep track of all your temps i use AI suite on my crosshair iv extreme with your 1090t and crosshair formula iv you can aim for 4.2 as long as your cooling keeps the cpu under 62 max after your stability tests
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