One Last Try-NewGigabyte MB won't even get to bios-is the board toast?

Not sure what happened with this motherboard. Brand new from NewEgg..put Core i5-750 into the board-booted up fine this past weekend-did not even need to reinstall Windows 7. Ran fine-then I installed a new case fan to help with cooling-then things went bad-would not even boot up. Just turns on and shuts off within a few seconds. I put old CPU fan in-still same problem. I reinstall my AMD MB and everything works fine-the Athlon x2 6000 processor has a higher power draw than the i5-750 so I know it is not the PSU. It is not the system fan-it had to have been a coincidence.

The system does not even get to the bios and gives no error beeps. I took out all the wires and reconnected them three times already-I spent more time than I should have on this,

I am not sure what else to do in this case. I am ready to RMA the MB and the processor since I am not sure what to do and I only have 7 days to RMA the CPU. Is the MB fried? I have never had a MB that did not get to bios or give me some error beeps.
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  1. Have you taken out the CPU and inspected the pins, just to make sure none got bent when installing the new cooler?

    Otherwise, I'd say RMA before you run out of time (no rush obviously, but be ready to).
  2. I looked at the bottom of the CPU-I did not notice any bent pins, but I am not sure what I am looking for-nothing stood out....Any guides re what to do with bent pins if that is the case?
  3. Oops, I've posted this so often I forgot to in your thread. My Apologies.
  4. Thanks for the information. I noticed some pins on the socket are bent. I think I am screwed..Is there any way to fix them?
  5. I should have just posted the original forum post (sorry again!)

    Go down to the "i3/i5/i7 Missing Memory" part and see the instructions. I have seen many actually fix this issue, so there is hope. However if it doesn't work, you can always RMA the board.
  6. That sucks. Most motherboard companies (including Gigabyte) have a no return policy on bent pins. I would try bending them back and see if it works. If it doesn't just try to make them look good...and don't tell Gigabyte about the bent pins lol. Do you have a picture?
  7. He might still be under the return to retailer stage, where they take just about anything back.
  8. Thanks for your help.

    Here are a couple of photos-my camera-Fuji S100FS does not take the best macro shots.
    I only think a few pins are bent. My biggest problem is I am really having trouble seeing which way they are bent-I bought a magnifying glass and still cannot tell definitively.

  9. Are those several areas of bent pins? If it turns into too much of a hassle, might just have to RMA. Though at this point, I guess just try your best to fix them and see what happens. The week left to RMA, is that through Newegg? How long before you have to RMA the board?
  10. I do not think those entire areas are bent pins except for the area right next to the core-those should be easy to bend back-the way they are bent is apparent..

    30 days to RMA the board..I have another one coming tomorrow from another retailer..I will not open that one until I have tried to work on this one..and then if the CPU doesn't work in the new board, I will RMA both the "old board" and the CPU on Saturday.

    I wish I could find a more high powered magnifying glass..make things easier. I will check tomorrow at some local stores..
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