Streaming videos are choppy all the sudden....

Maybe someone can help me with this very annoying problem

Computer: Dell Inspiron 6000
Windows XP sp3

Up until about 6 months ago everything was running fine on my older Dell Inpiron 6000 purchased in 2005. Youtube, Hulu, netflix all streamed well based on whatever internet connection I was using at the time. I noticed it started to be slow during some internet sessions (firefox and explorer) and when streaming video online. I ran all my anti virus, (avast, adaware, spybot, spyware blaster) as well as delete unnecessary files, still ran slow. I got annoyed and did a clean windows XP install. Re-installed OS, drivers, updates, antivirus, downloaded newest flash components, shockwave, and silverlight. I've tried with display properties in hardware acceleration and without. I've also tried with flash settings in hardware acceleration and without. It's still slow and choppy when streaming video online. Even if the file is fully downloaded and the bar is filled the video is very choppy. Especially in Full screen. Audio is fine though. I have k-lite codec (same as before when everything was running fine). WMP videos run fine with video files I have saved on my hard drive. I tried VLC just to see if a different player works better but no luck. It doesn't seem to matter how fast my internet connection is.

Why would streaming videos be choppy now when they used to be fine...especially after a clean windows install?

What can I do to get this issue resolved so that when I'm on the road I can view streaming video like I used to?

any help would be greatly appreciated. I can provide a hijack this log if anyone thinks it will help.
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  1. are your video card drivers up to date? I know that has caused problems for me in the past.
  2. They are to the best of my knowledge. When I enter my Dell Service Tag it only gives me one option for a video driver. I've tried it more than once just in case it was corrupt. Still nothing. I thought maybe it was just a flash issue but it's choppy sometimes in WMP too. I'm dumb founded. I figured a clean windows install would get me running as good as when it came from the factory.
  3. There are two monitors listed in my device manager, "default monitor, and "plug and play monitor" (even though it's just a laptop with the one monitor) and both say they are up to date. Also under display adapters the one listed says it has the latest driver. In addition I've made sure I have the latest chipset drivers.
  4. i have a similar problem where my notebook streams choppy video when using ie/firefox. but when i use opera it feels like a hot knife thru butter.
  5. The only choppy videos that I get are that stupid game advertisement currently on Toms Hardware.It's very annoying.
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