Mobo only reading 1 channel of memory

Hey guys, I have just finished my first build and noticed that under system properties my computer is only showing 1.75 GB of Ram. The problem is I have 4 gigs installed. I have a biostar a785g3 motherboard and a-data 1333mhz ddr3 ram. Could this be a problem in the BIOS? If so, I have never worked with the bios before and would need some direction. Thanks for any help in advance.
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  1. Is your operating system is 64bit?

    If you answered yes:
    Search for an option for Memory Remapping in your bios.

    If you answered no:
    Get a 64bit OS.

    If you answered I don't know:
    Write dxdiag.exe in the search bar when you click on the start icon.
    On the first page, in System information. Look for Operation system, it should tell you Windows Vista/7 32/64 bit.
  2. I have windows XP 32 bit now but plan on getting 7 in the future. What other options do I have besides getting a new $100 OS?
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  4. cd
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