Question about Sounds card.

I currently use BOSE Companion 5.

I am building new gaming rig. Just wondering if i need to add sound card to get the most out of this speaker? or i will be fine without it?

Here is the link to my current build. Still working on some of the stuff :kaola:

Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Almost all decent boards are now equipment with pretty good onboard sound. Some descreate sound cards like Soundblaster X-fi etc offer some additional features and can also offload some effects processing. The Realtek on-board chip in your case is decent, although you may notice some differnce when compared to the X-fi. Personally I'm moving over my old X-fi for my new box.

    I'm building almost the same thing you are, going with an OCZ Revo and an ASUS board though. Check out the board below, I've had probably 8 ASUS boards over the years, no problems, the one GB board I had LITERALLY melted and charred the board, components dripped off. In all fairness I sent it back and they REPAIRED IT (the board still had the char marks but they resoldiered everything and it amazingly worked), but since then I've always stuck with ASUS.
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