Which mobo for frustrated non OCer - core i7-930

I just built my fist system using Gigabyte's GA-X50A-UD3R which was initially fun... Now it's turning into a frustrating effort. I've got this cold boot problem that is not resolving (see my other threads for what I've tried including working with Gigabyte). The cold boot problem resets my RAM settings and causes 3 pwr cycles. I've got video problems that also occur after cold boot only.

All I want at this point is a reliable board with an easy to use bios from a manufacturer that offers great support.
I want it to support the other components I already have:
Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D
Corsair HX750
Sapphire 5770 (though I might replace that as well)

I don't really care about USB3 or the next gen SATA right now.

I'm not planning to do overclocking except maybe to learn more. But, I do need to be able to set my timings and RAM voltage (1.65v).

Any suggestion?
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    I have had nothing but problems from any gigabyte board i had use ASUS for reliability and stability.
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