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Hello all..

I'm new to the forums but have been around comps for pretty long. I made a new setup recently with windows 7 and a Nvidia 9800GTX+ and stumbled across this problem, that has been around a lot. Figured that out when i looked for some solutions and seemed to be a very annoying problem. This i'm certain many of you know.

I found a solution to it. I had installed the Asus P6T programs along with the drivers and remembered that i had issues with conflicting drivers earlier when asus enhanced driver made a mess. So with this new motherboard i had amongst other things EPU6, a power savings program to reduce CO2 or something similar.
EPU6 failed to recognise my graphics card so i uninstalled it and now i don't get the popup giving the "driver has stopped responding but has recovered" message. I might get a quick switch to desktop and back if using a game mod on HL2 but no problems with other games any more.

Thought i'd share this if someone has tried everything else and might not have tried it or come to think of it. Windows own power settings are ok but this third-party prog messed things up for me. I hope this will help.

The fault itself occurs on nearly any driver, both Nvidia and ATI, not all cards, comes back after reinstall, has occured in both Vista and Win 7 and even on XP, i've read.
What happens is the monitor goes black, might go into an "alt-tab" loop, then pops up the driver response and recover message. Sometimes possible to continue but very annoying if you are in a game with a friend for example..

Fixes i've seen have been
1. going through drivers until you find the most stable version
2. Using the Vista OS fixes for this problem searching the microsoft support center
3. Underclocking the card and mem slightly (didn't help me but helped some other people).
4. Check your PSU is up for the task.

my fix was (5.) uninstalling motherboard power saving program (for example ASUS EPU6 in right bottom corner)

I think this issue is very different from system to system and the fixes are many. But it seems to be both an OS bug and Graphics driver bug and power savings bug.
I hope others find a solution to theirs soon.

I still have a small sound bug using the Realtek HD audio on this motherboard Asus P6T. Sometimes sound disappears. Razer megalodon USB headphones. But i think it's a minor driver bug or will go away once i get a soundcard to replace the onboard one. I'm of course up to suggestions if someone has had a similar bug but it may be best to make a new thread for that. ;)

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  1. Well....i had this problem a while ago....The only solution i got was a replacement card.....
  2. This issue i knew was a software bug due to the fact i had the same card running flawlessly in my earlier setup. But i have also been forced to replace cards and check several times for hardware issues.

    I'm sorry you had to replace the card but i'm glad you got the problem fixed that way. If a card does not respond it can also be due to a hardware fault but then you might also have many other problems like overheating, bad caps, faulty firmware or something else..
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    Its a pretty annoying problem and the worst part was that we cannot determine exactly what the nature of the problem and wats causin or hardware...i pulled my hair out for a month or so to narrow it down to the card's defect....
  4. Yeah.. I've seen loads of topics on this problem. Seems that a fix might come for it some day.. A bit off topic.. found something about the sound issue i mentioned. Don't know if links are allowed here but here goes..

    It states the razer megalodon no sound issue after x amount of time is driver/vista/win 7 -64bit related and a temp fix for it would be to put the headset as 5.1 instead of 7.1 while waiting for a fix from razer. That is if you have this option.

    If i had known about the graphics and sound issue i'd have installed win xp on this machine but otherwise very satisfied with win 7.

    I tried changing bios settings for the power too but to no great difference on the sound issue. Put back everything as it was and will keep an eye out for an update for the headphones.

    It's still curious that some people have had the same OS and both Nvidia and ati cards yet no issues with the driver popup.. Time will tell..


    EDIT (31.11.09) : Megalodon issue can be solved by changing it's USB to front panel thus straight from the motherboard. Seems to be a power/driver issue which Razer is aware of. Second solution getting a soundcard instead of the onboard HD audio to compensate system resources and get it to work continuously. I recommend a PCI-e soundcard. Megalodon supposed to be plug n play but the firmware/driver recognition needs an update. Third solution a certain USB hub with adapter can sometimes solve the issue as well.

    As for the graphic card issue, haven't had any lock-ups since i uninstalled the EPU6 program and set power settings to performance in Win 7. :) Worst case scenario though, if you have the same issue still, you might have to try another card to see if it solves it as in ridic23's case. It happens cards can be defect. Let's hope future Win 7 SP's solve these few issues.


    EDIT 2 (1.11.09) : I thought the megalodon issue was solved but no.. but well.. now it is. the firmware (released 26.10.09) update was tricky to add but version 2.7 is now working and has fixed the audio and mic problem so now megalodon is really an option for anyone who likes it. I've had quite a few razer products and the upgrading is a pain. For example copperhead firmware is like having a go at the lottery..

    To help others with the update in win 7 64bit do the usb connect while holding the middle button like razer site says, but then go into devices and printers and there should be a megalodon device with issues. So in properties do a manual install of the driver and it updates it finally.

    I've had the speedlink 5.1 medusa gamer headset and the megalodon 7.1 sound quality is better than it. The speedlink beat a lot of sennheiser headphones earlier. both are good for gamers. (after a 24h test sound stays on nps with the new firmware).

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