Activation problem following slipstreaming

I slipstreamed XP using NLite and forgot to include the 'activate windows' option (I assumed typing my key into NLite would take care of it) - now I can't activate windows - error 0x80004005. I've followed kb article 914232 (basically replace a few files from the Windows XP disk) and it's still the same. Is there another way I can activate windows or have I lost all my files/software?
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  1. have you still got the original xp disk you used to make the nlite copy
  2. Yes I have the original XP disk - I copied the activation files from it (using the recovery console) as the Microsoft KB workround suggested but the same error came up when I rebooted.
  3. if you use that disk to do a repair of the windows install you should be able to sort your problem
  4. ok... Will repairing overwrite all my files in
    C:\Documents and Settings\{NAME}\My Documents\
  5. no if you do a repair it will not
    but at some point you should backup your documents and do a clean install again

    on a second note you should always back up you documents 16GB USBflash drive under £8 on amazon with free delivery
  6. Thank you mrfatbox ... that worked. Can i ask (1) why should i do a clean install? and (2) do you think things like nLite are good tools or should i go back to just use the original xp disk when i install?
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