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I heard it is more important to have better amperage on the 12 volt rails than the amount of watts that can be produced, is this true?

Also is it better to be on 1 big rail or 4 smaller rails etc?

Like which PSU would be better?

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  1. The Corsair is the better/more reliable one.
  2. The Corsair is much better in all respects except advertised capacity. And I doubt if the Rosewill really has 4 independent rails. Most PSU's do not.
  3. Can I ask how you determined that?
  4. The answer to your question is we render opinions and give advice based on technical reviews of power supplies.

    Here is a link to one of many competent technical reviews of the Corsair TX850:

    Google is your friend.
  5. I didnt mean just based on those 2 power supplies I meant how could I determine from the specs which is better? 1 12V rail vs 4 12V Rails etc etc
  6. there are actually a very limited amount of true multirail psu's,the single vs multiple rail argument been going for ages,most multirail psu's just have all the 12v rails connected to a single 12v point on the psu making an undercover single rail psu,as said its rare to get a true multirail psu
  7. Well the Rosewill has 100 amps added up between the rails while the Corsair only has 70, so what makes th corsair better?
  8. That's not how it works. Take a look at the Rosewill label, it shows 900 watts available for the 12v rails, that's 75 amps ( label says (52) go figure ).
    Either way more doesn't equal better in this case, the Corsair is simply much higher in quality.

    This should help you out a little
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