Help intel thermal solution cooler! not working as expected

i bought this intel thermal solution cooler

and its going up to 60 c on max load

idle at 40 c

and while not oced its not much different

i read reviews that it stayed down to 30 c idle and 40 c max load(i7 2600k and the 3930(i think thats the extreme series)

but im really kind of upset with it and was wondering if the thermal compound maybe have a problem or the problem may lay with the cooler i have and should i just go ahead and get a h80??
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  1. Was the thermal compound sticked on the Heatsink? Did you plug in the CPU Fan?
    Can you give a link to the cooler's details?
  2. I think it is more of an Thermal Compound issue.

    Also what is your CPU, older cpu's tend to give off more heat...
  3. its a i5 2500k

    i just want this thing to stay frosty

    and i read reviews that it stsays 30c on idle and 40c on max load while not on overclock while using the the new intel extreme series cpu

    so i figured mine would do the same but its not.

    so idk

    i guess im going to try the different thermal compound and see if that helps
  4. Also, did you read the cooler's instructions and followed it step-by step?
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