ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe Unusual 20 Degree Celsius Jump

Hello all!!

Just curious to know if anyone has an M3A79-T Deluxe and if they could please report the Motherboard Idle Temperature to me. From memory when I first installed this board a few weeks ago, brand new.... The board was running at around 36 Degrees Celsius. Now it appears to be running at 57 Degrees Celsius, Ive tried re-applying the 1501 Bios which is the latest and changing to 0702 whcih was a previous version but it doesnt get any cooler. I reset the bios to the Default Settings and still no luck. I havnt changed any components in the case since I installed it and this is what I'm running;

MB: M3A78-T Deluxe
CPU: AMD P II x4 940 (AM2+)
RAM: Kingston Hyper X DDR2 @ 1066
PSU: Coolermaster Real Power Pro 850W
VGA: 2x ATi Radeon 4890's In Crossfire Mode

I havnt noticed any performance drop in the board YET but my room is getting a lot hotter a lot quicker now this computer seems to be running quite warm.

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  1. Two things can be happening.

    1. The temp diode or sensor on your mobo is going bad or;

    2. The ambient air temp in your case is hot and need to increase the case airflow, get more fans to pull in cool air and more fans to pish out the hot air.
  2. hundredislandsboy said:
    Two things can be happening.

    1. The temp diode or sensor on your mobo is going bad or;

    2. The ambient air temp in your case is hot and need to increase the case airflow, get more fans to pull in cool air and more fans to pish out the hot air.

    Thanks for the reply, I forgot to mention that I am using an Antec 1200 Chassis. The temperature for everything else is the same CPU 29-35 Degrees Video Cards 50-56 Degrees which is normal, just the motherboard has changed whcih I find strange. Your Temp Diode suggestion sounds the closest although I have noticed more heat coming from the box.
  3. Well that 57C is most likely your northbridge temp. Northbridge temps on AMD boards tend to run up in the 50 to 80C range so its perfectly normal.
  4. You could try mounting a case fan in your side panel (if there are already intake holes, if not get the drill out) and have it blow directly into the Northbridge. If it cools significantly, then you've found the cause of the high temp readings.
  5. IMHO, it sounds like a sensor error. Although when I first got the same board I was running at 46c Idle and 52C load (max according to spec. is 55c). So I added the fan from this and brought down temps. 6c to 38c idle and 46c load.

    Note: I did not use the Coolmax heatsink, just the fan. I could only use 2 screws (which I purchase at the local hardware store) to mount it, but it fits tight, as seen here

  6. Hi i have the same exact board. I have recently been looking for a chipset cooler i was looking at this one but im not sure if the holes will line up.. Today is the first time ive seen the temp warnings from PCProbe Currently at 45c witch is the hottest i have ever seen it. It worries me slightly but it is also 80F in ohio atm so it makes sense that stuff is running a little hotter today.

  7. Hey Rob, welcome to THG.
    If the bolt holes of Xigmatek do line up, your bolting a heatsink to the top of another heatsink and defeating the purpose. I looked at that as a cooling solution but decided against it. Having to remove the NB heatsink and the SB heatsink looked like it would be a pain.

    You may be better served to update the BIOS depending on which CPU your using. For me going to a newer BIOS dropped my NB temps by over 10c.
  8. Hey fester,

    right stacking heat sinks may not be ideal, but i am not sure how it would be defeating the purpose sense its still copper on copper. and would still do more good then bad. But i just installed a new CPU fan and would only seem complete to install the heat sink for the north bridge as well. i will be ordering the heat sink soon and ill post the results and let you know if or how hard it is to mount. Also i just updated bios to 1501 from 13somthing and my north bridge is reading 37 idle ATM. but i am dedicated to see what that does for me. also overclocking AMD Phenom II x4 940 Deneb 3.51Ghz, sense putting the new heat sink on and it seemed to help move more air away from the chip set to help cool it.

    Temps at full load with 3.51GHz

  9. I hate to see you throwing your hard earned money away, besides 40c gives you a 15c cushion from max. spec of 55c.
    Anyways... if you stack the heatsinks it's not going to be copper to copper. Just like with your CPU you will need TIM to alleviate any air space to transfer heat from one to the other, not to mention the stock NB cooler is not flat and has 4 deep screw holes.
  10. i should have mentioned the day i took that pic it was about 40F in Ohio and my window was open right next to the PC.. although the temps have dropped on both CPU and NB after installing new cooler.. they where hitting low 50s and that's what concerned me.. Summer is coming up and im not going to stop using my PC because of temps. So this is a desperate move. I ordered it tonight ill post pics and screens of any improvement. anyways im buying it from newegg so as long as i don't demolish the hell outta it i can return it.. you have any other suggestions.. was thinking maybe a antec spot cooler, if this fails.
  11. Alright so, The north bridge heat sink will not work without precisely drilling 4 new holes. They do not line up a tall.. the block its self is the perfect size and I still think it would do a world of good.. But I don't have the extra money to attempt doing this ATM so here i come antec spot cooler.. Ill post pics and improvements once my refund from newegg clears and I can reorder
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