Core i5, ASUS P7P55D and memory voltage 1.6-1.8

My first post here, so hopefully I will not mess it up :)

I'm going to build core i5 system. For RAM I had first choose a-data 2000X X Series, but then realized it's working at 1.6-1.8V. I know there is memory controller in i5 which can handle voltage up to 1.65.

Now the question is, no matter what P7P55D allows me to change for memory, it will always affect i5? So I can save some money and buy slower and lower voltage memories?

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  1. Welcome to the forums! Don't worry about "messing up", so long as you provide information in "good faith", you'll be fine :)

    I suggest you wouldn't get memory weaker than what your motherboard is designed for. It shouldn't cost anything bad, but you're simply wasting money by not maximizing what you have.
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