Only 1 IDE on the motherboard?

Hey Guys. Newbie here, again.

I'm trying to upgrade my 7 year old computer with a new ASRock motherboard, ram and video card. Unfortunately and unlike my 7 year old Chaintech motherboard, it only has 1 IDE plug-in!!

I'm trying to connect everything together but I'm stuck because I have 3 IDE drives (DVD-ROM, CD-RW, and Hard drive). I can daisy chain the DVD and CD-Rom drive. How am I suppose to connected the Hard drive? I have all these cables like "Serial ATA" and "SATA" but I have no idea what they are. Do I have to get rid of a drive or is there another way?

Thank you in advance.

Edit: I just looked up "SATA AKA Serial ATA" and my hard drive and CD drives don't have a SATA plugin :("
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  1. Most newer motherboards only have ONE IDE connection allowing you two connect a maximum of TWO IDE devices. You need to decide between having two IDE devices connected (your DVD and HDD, for example) or purchase an IDE to SATA adapter, to connect the remaining device.

    Probably the easiest thing to do is purchase the adapter, using the IDE cable to connect the DVD and CD Rom drives, and use the adapter to connect the HDD.

    Also, what OS are you using? The original Windows XP (before SP1) may not recognize the SATA chip and you will have to do the F6 procedure to load third party SATA drivers. If you're using Win XP SP2 or Vista or Win 7, you should be fine OR set your BIOS IDE CONFIG setting to Legendary/Compatible/IDE or something similar.

    You can purchase newer SATA hardware as you like/or can afford.

    Hope this helps.
  2. One IDE port has two IDE connections, and considering that you chained the two optical drives together, you have to ditch the IDE HDD, or lose one of the optical drives. I don't know if you can daisy chain the HDD and optical drive though. Newer motherboards tend to omit floppy and sometimes IDE ports, they're mainly obsolete now, which probably explains why you have only one port.
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