Getting low fps with gtx 275!

Hi, i'm new to this forum and didnt know in what category it should go so please bare with me! :)

My built:
Amdx2 6000+ overclocked to 3.2Ghz
Nvidia Gtx 275
3 GB DDR2 memory stick

I forgot my mainboard name, but its nvidia's

I game at 1920x1080 and I can run crysis with a mixture of high and very high settings and no AA with easily 22-26 fps and sometimes even 30 which is what I should be getting according to some sites...there might be a little bottleneck, but there isnt a lot.

I am running nfs shift with everything max with only 20 fps...i'm pretty sure it isnt that heavy game compared to what i am getting for crysis. I am getting 20 fps after i increased my page memory from 4.5 to 10 as before i was getting 10 to 15

The page memory didnt affect any other game though..

What could be possible issue?

thanks in advance :)
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  1. i'm not sure about this but some people said NFS:Shift is quite heavy game.
  2. nfs shift is a CPU intensive game
  3. Thanks for the reply

    Yeah thats what I heard, but people are easily rocking 40 to 50 fps with cards like gtx 275 and the same res

    I get low fps in batman too like around 25 to 30 with evrything high and high phsyx too....wait is that really low or not?

    Please help as I am getting random thoughts of switching to ps3, even though i know pc has always have better graphics and thats what I need, but these low fps are killing me
  4. @ubernoobie: Im not saying you're wrong but can you like prove it if possible? As I totally understand that I dont have a good cpu so that could be the cause

    Thanks though :)
  5. Get an Athlon II x2 or maybe a tri-core. The CPU is holding you back.
  6. Yeah thats what I thought, but I recently upgraded to gtx 275 so i dont have enough money. Any other suggestion?
    Oh and btw Crysis is more gpu intensive rather than cpu?
  7. crighty swap out that cpu!
  8. Crysis is GPU intensive, but it matters not. The CPU will hold back the GPU from doing anything. An athlon 7750 x2 will get 30FPS in Crysis with an HD4870, and 30FPS with an HD4870x2.

    These are nfs shift recommended specs and i have x2 3 Ghz, so i dont get it..please help mee!

    Crysis also got same cpu requirements ..i mean core 2 duo but more ghz, but I can run that easily and smooth

    Gta 4 seems a reason as it is poorly optimized and needs a core 2 quad I get only 15 fps no matter what I do

    Is it possible that nfs is poorly optimized??
  10. All of the games you are having trouble with are CPU intensive games.

    Everyone has told you that is why you are getting low FPS and to upgrade your CPU yet you keep posting other ideas.

    Why post a question and then not accept multiple answers that are the same from different people.

    Upgrade your cpu if you want to get better performance.
  11. Alright thanks! I appreciate everyone's help! I was just tryna find out an alternative
  12. save some money and try to get quad core CPU :)
  13. Your Athlon X2 6000 clocked at 3.2 GHz is actually a decent CPU.

    Yes, you are cpu-bottlenecked, but you should be getting way more fps with that rig.

    Here are some benchmarks on medium settings with the x2 6000 and equivalents:

    For Crysis on Very High, I'd say you should be getting mid to upper 30's in terms of fps.

    Overclock your CPU some more and benchmark to see if it improves your fps. If it doesn't, then your problem lies elsewhere...
  14. Your cpu wouldn't be holding you back that much, check to make sure all your unneeded background processes/programs and stuff are closed Something is eating up your cycles.
  15. Finally you guys understand. And to be sure I asked my friend to try out the demo and tell me the fps hes getting.

    His Rig:
    Intel C2Duo 3.0 Ghz (dont know the exact model)
    Nvidia 9800GT
    Ram 3GB
    HDD 320 GB

    Hes getting 60 fps straight up sometimes it drops to 45 to 50, but hes gaming on 1280x1024, but still I dont think that res matters that much lookig at his card, mine is wayy better and our cpus are same so i should be at least getting 40 fps if not 60 coz of the res!

    When i open the game i turn off everything thing on the system tray even then anti virus, but still nothing happens....any suggestions? :)

    EDIT: Thanks for the benchmarks..I do see my cpu is slower compared to Intel's , which I knew it, but still why am i getting this much low fps?? :)
  16. Yah, you are getting low fps BECAUSE YOUR PROCESSOR, SUCKS.

    We've been trying to tell you this, forever. His might be an E8400, one of the best Core2 processors there is. That explains why, then, hmm?
    Athlon 64's are out-of-date. They're great for budget, NOT great for heavy gaming.
  17. Ok i might be able to agree with you, but how come I can get good fps in every other game! Why is it nfs shift only?
  18. And as we've already told you.

    There are some games out there that are extremely graphics intensive (SEE: CRYSIS; BIOSHOCK)
    There are some games out there that are extremely CPU intensive (SEE: NFS SHIFT;GTAIV)

    When I pair an HD5870 (best card out right now) with your processor in nfs shift, I will get maybe 1-2 better frames than what you have now.

    If I take an intel core i7 with your card, then I can max it out (get about 80 more frames, or whatever).
  19. The problem is most likely that you're maxing out the settings, try dialing some back.
  20. Thanks shadow 187

    I have tried dialing back some settings and fps gain is only 2 to 3
  21. Like we're telling you, you're locked by your CPU. An athlon II tri-core will work for you fine, and you'll see major FPS gains.
  22. maybe this is perfect time to upgrade your CPU....and also your mobo :)
  23. Yeah or im thinking why spend that money when I can get a ps3? What do u think guys?
  24. A ps3 will be outdated by a next-generation console; can't be upgrade; and is limited as to what you can do with it.
  25. but he will never have any pain to upgrade his component to make the game run smoother :pt1cable:
  26. Haha, true, true.

    Tis why people will spend $5,000 on a computer that needs upgrading in two years.
  27. In addition to that a lot fo games arent even utilizing dx 10 on PC if they are then not all the features. Pc games are bsaically console ports for the most part. What do u think about gfx? Is it a huge diff or what?
  28. yahya94 said:
    What do u think about gfx? Is it a huge diff or what?

    what difference do you mean?
  29. There is quite a difference in graphics. On the console, graphics are about medium-to-low quality. The PC creates better graphics.
  30. Yeah I agree, but is it like day/night differnece? I mean I play fifa 09 on pc and I aboslutely love it even though the game is a PS2 port and is not even close to ps3 graphically
  31. Overclock your CPU some more and see if you notice any difference.
  32. its already enough overclocked as I would need to change the cooling system to overclock more and AMD cpus arent good for OC
  33. When you're at this point and only need a better cpu/motherboard why move to console gaming? I have an xbox 360 and I only use it to play games that are exclusives (ie GoW2, Halo 3, ect) Everything that I can play on a pc I play on a pc.

    Look at this deal:

    Thats a AMD Phenom II X4 955 @3.2 (easily o.c to 4.0) and a motherboard for $280 after mail in rebate.

    Throw in a 4gb (2x 2gb) set of DDR3 ram for around $70.

    So for $350 plus tax and shipping it comes out to around the same as a PS3 plus a game. I would gladly take this setup over a ps3, but thats just my $.02.

    Edit: Just realized how cheap a new build would be right now. Now I'm anxious for winter break to come around so I can work a bit and do some upgrading.
  34. Thanks crosko42 for your advice :)

    I have been looking at newegg for some deals, but I'm favoring intel this time as there are some amd quadcores that are equilavent to Intel core2duo so I dont plan on getting amd this time

    Oh and one for more thing for ALL OF YOU. I tried running crysis and other games and looked at my cpu usuage.. both cores are running somewhere on 70%, which is 70% overall for both cores. BUT when I run Nfs shift 1 core is 100% and the other is 0%...that is whats causing low fps as the other core is not working only in nfs shift! Any suggestions whats going on here :)
  35. OK GUYS THE ISSUE HAS BEEN SOLVED. STill tahnks for helping me uot everyone!

    The issue was not cpu..I upgraded to win 7 and now Im not runnig in any compatibility mode and getting 40 fps with everything maxed at 1920 x1080. Both cores are in use now.
  36. glad that it works for you :D
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