Picked up a Crucial M4 128 for the C drive on my dev machine. I have a 4 disk RAID 0 as well. I was very pleased with the SSD performance, especially random R/W. So I did some database testing (I do LOTS of very large database transformations on a separate box). I saw large linked query performance improvements of 50%-400% vs the RAID 0 on the dev machine.

Aha! I should put two of these in my DB Server to replace my 3 disk Caviar Black RAID 0. So I did, but my real world performance is only double. I was expecting at least triple. (insert crocodile tears.)

My DB server mobo has SATA II while my dev machine has SATA III (as is the M4) thanks to my shiny new Z68 mobo.

So how much performance am I losing on the SATA II? If the answer is a lot, is there a good SATA III RAID card that I can get? Cheap? I have more than blown my budget already with 2 SSDs and new MB, processor and memory.

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  1. You will only lose performance in the throughput is over ~350MB/sec per device, you will need a VERY highend SSD to require SATA III so I would not expect all that much of a performance moving from SATA-II to SATA-III.
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