Pentium DC E6300 bottleneck HD5850?

Is it okay to add new card for my E6300 3.4ghz(OC) rig ?? Is there any bottleneck?? I play game with 1600x900 resolution and max settings(if possible) and do you think it would be quite enough to stress HD5850 to prevent bottleneck?
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  1. Given the fact that the 5850 performs similary to 5850 id say that it wont bottleneck your system.
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    The majority of the bottlenecks come from dual-card configurations, and ATI tends to do better than Nvidia when dealing with non-high end CPUs according to the Tomshardware charts.

    Overclock the E6300 a little more and you should be good to go. (If you wanted to OC all the way, the E5200/5300 can both do around 3.8GHz, so the E6300 can do 4Ghz without too much effort)

    Otherwise, the charts stated that the E6300 @ stock would bottleneck a 4890 or greater. So your current configuration would reduce most bottlenecks for your GPU.
    4890 < GTX285 < 5850
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