Pentium D945 running FSB 200.0MHz

How do I get the FSB from 200MHz to Run at the 800MHz it has?
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  1. 200 MHz quad-pumped bus (200x4=800Mhz)
  2. I don`t understand!
  3. It is just a matter of terminology.

    200 MHz is the FSB frequency. 800 MHz is the FSB clock. As nnorton said, "200 MHz quad-pumped bus (200x4=800Mhz)". That means each bus cycle transfers 4 chunks of data. Each transfer requires a clock pulse. So each bus cyle generates 4 clocks.

    Confusion abounds because people tend to use the two terms interchangably. So you need to figure out exactly what they are talking about by context (how the phrase is used at that time).
  4. Well is there a way to speed this up?
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