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I have a HP Pavilion p6531p and i want to upgrade all but the 750gb hard drive and the 6gb ddr3 memory.Now what i want to know is how do i go by doing this?
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  1. Can you list the parts that you want upgraded?

    Upgrading a perfectly working and adequate PSU will not give you any benefits.

    Does "all parts' include the motherboard?
  2. Don't forget to mention your budget.
  3. Yes,i will get a new motherboard and cpu but i dont want to buy a new hard drive so all i want to know is how do i eraser or wipe my old hard drive so i can use it in my new motherboard i will be geting a new copy of wins-7.
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    Just perform an NTFS format on the hard drive. That will erase it and make it suitable for the re-use you have in mind.
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  6. Thank you!
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