Need a LAptop HDD that runs cool

I have a compaq CQ50 laptop with seagate 250GB HDD. The HDD area gets hot. Recently, the HDD gave up on me.

I need a replacement. Which is the coolest running HDD? I can compromise a bit on performance, but not on the drive heating up.
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  1. Have you considered a SSD? Massive performance boost with no noise and less heat.
  2. SSD $$ is out of my reach, for now.
  3. I also recomned getting a SSD, if you are going over the trouble of physically installing a new drive, make it worth it! There is a 64GB SSD for $64 on newegg
  4. Do Western digital drives run cooler than seagate?
  5. Go to a website that lists tech specs for notebook hard drives (kind of hard to find - Microcenter tends to list power consumption, but doesn't have all drives available) and compare them all and choose the ones with lowest power consumption (I recommend under 2.0watts under load - load tends to be a more important number). The brands are all over the place with power consumption, but generally newer drives tend to use less power, smaller number of platters tend to use less power, but again, individual drives vary a lot. Hitachi seems to be the one with lowest power consumption, then WD, generally.
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